Classic "conspiracy theory". Don't get me wrong, I agree. Human societies, like those of their closest relatives, are full of "conspiracy".

But how are people supposed to determine “what’s really going on”? Or is there really any reason to bother? I was disappointed that Trump didn’t win another term, because I’m not convinced he’s really part of the post-WWII power structure, as shown in the incredibly unprofessional attacks by leftist-establishment journalists and journals like the NYTimes, CNN, and the like.

They didn’t need a Trump to distract Americans, and the party establishments certainly didn’t expect him to garner the massive primary support he did in 2016. In my view, without Trump, most Americans suffering from “globalization” would have wasted their votes on third-party types like Sanders.

Of course, once he won, against expectations, the Republican establishment did everything they could to drag him into their part of the swamp. Meanwhile, he’s had some positive effects: the MSM have totally taken off their masks, corruption of the “Democratic” process is out in the open, the social networking companies have publicly fallen into line with efforts to control what people are allowed to see of other people’s opinions.

In my view, the Human Species is probably doomed to the same sort of future of endless social infighting we see in our Chimpanzee (and Bonobo) relatives. But at least, just about everybody can see the strings controlling the puppets.

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