Tl;dr: The Western Power Structure, or "New World Order" descended from the Western Intelligence/Military/Industrial Blob that won the Cold War, is currently suffering from a massive clusterfuck at the top.

Various factions have been almost (?) in a shooting war among themselves since Trump was elected, and Covid-19 has knocked all their tenuous stand-offs into chaos. They're using well-developed tools of control (based, as you say, on narrative manipulation) against one another with little or no ability to predict the outcomes of their efforts.

IMO at some point one of these factions (or a bloc of several) will become dominant and enforce a truce of sorts on the rest. I'd guess there'll be some casualties among the very powerful, although those casualties may not be reported in the Media.

The hostility towards China is because if the situation doesn't stabilize, and instead breaks down into mutual warfare, it will create a power vacuum that the Chinese government will be sucked into filling, unless they are prepared to go to war, or threaten it.

That's my best guess. I'm not certain of it, but I'd say it's pretty specific in a general way. I can't sort out the details of the various factions, but IMO there's been a serious escalation of activities against important agents of competing factions (e.g. what happened to Gen. Flynn).

I'd guess most of the factions have members world-wide, at least in the US, EU, Russian Fed., etc. There probably isn't enough localization within national borders for anything beyond enmity towards national polities that have been hostile to penetration by these power groups, such as Iran, Red China, and perhaps, partly, Russia.

Until Covid-19 struck, I considered it a sort of covert 2nd US Civil War, combined with WWIII. LIke the civil wars within the Roman Imperium/Empire, everybody in that world had an interest in the outcome, and was prepared to support whichever faction they considered most beneficial.

After Covid-19 struck, the whole thing turned into a giant clusterfuck at the top (IMO), as I mentioned above.

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