I’m glad you found some glimmers of optimism in the Korean talks.

Personally, I’ve been very optimistic since the election: Donald Trump may not be the ideal president, but he’s far and away superior to anybody else the current “democratic” system might have thrown up (like a cat with a hairball).

He’s a bigger, badder, bull in the “establishment” china shop than anybody had a right to expect, with a better chance of breaking up the plutocratic logjam that’s been building since the fall of the Soviet Union than anybody else who could have gotten elected.

For all the risks (and I agree they exist although I doubt they’re as serious as you seem to think), it gladdens my heart to watch the terrified bleating of the obsolete “foreign policy” establishment as their nice comfortable world of quiet, subtle, threats in private rooms is replaced by twitter name-calling worthy of a confrontation in a working-class bar.

But be assured, from one who lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, those quiet subtle threats were just as real and dangerous, probably more so, than the Twitter references to nuclear button size and workability.

As for the Maddows (Mad-cows?) of this world, and the MSM in general, I offer this picture from a recent re-tweet; is it real or is it parody?

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