I’m talking about the fact that the NYTimes lied about a “White House source” saying the summit was “impossible” on June 12. And that, one way or another, Snopes backed them on that lie.

There was no “White House source” who said it was “impossible” on June 12. What the source who really existed actually said was something completely different, diplomatically speaking.

As it happened, the summit actually occurred on June 12. Just as the carefully scripted comments from the real “White House source” were intended to make happen.

Whatever your opinion of the outcome, completely informed, IMO, by your own cognitive dissonance and inability to accept that Mr. Trump really knows what he’s doing, the subject here was the lie the NYTimes told, and Snopes backed them on.

Like the denialists of the NYTimes, and the rest of the MSM, you seem to be too busy hiding from the facts to bother actually looking at what people are saying.


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