Israel as a “soft” theocratic nation-state is an important asset to the “collaboration between plutocrats and defense/intelligence agencies which doesn’t seem to care about the lines drawn between nations…” beyond reasons of geopolitics. (Although it does have enormous value that way as well).

The former kingdoms of Judah and Israel are an enormously important part of traditional Jewish religious/historical identity. As such modern Israel is a major lever on many Jewish voters in the US, as well as many European countries.

As well, many fundamentalist Christians in the US have strong beliefs about the role of Jerusalem and its temple in the Apocalypse. And, of course, virtually all Christians recognize the importance of the Galilee and Jerusalem in the stories of Jesus’ life, Crucifixion, and Resurrection. (Also Gaulanitis, modern Golan Heights, to some extent.)

To put it simply, the absolute dedication of Iran (current regime), Hezbollah, and many Shi’ites in Iraq and Syria to the total destruction of Israel as a national entity is a tremendous threat to the global “World Order”.

Technically, AFAIK, every Muslim is required to support that destruction: according to Shari’ah a land once under Muslim domination may not return to non-Muslim rule and if it does, Jihad is obligatory to reconquer it. (This applies especially to Israel with its holy places, but also Spain and parts of Eastern Europe.)

This certainly does make Israel a “nonstop disruption campaign”, but IMO we should assume the main reasons for establishing it were religious, guiding responses to guilt over the Holocaust. These religious reasons continue to be a major part (at least) of Western support for Israel, and therefore enmity to the current Iranian regime, as well as Hezbollah and the current Syrian situation.

Of course, this isn’t to ignore issues of pipelines and al-Assad’s efforts to establish a monetary system competing with the current dollar-based system. But those issues could potentially be negotiated. If he’s willing to cut ties with Iran and throw Hezbollah under the bus.

And recognize Israel’s right to exist.

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