Perhaps a little (or a lot) more honesty in that “scrutiny”.

For instance, even with the snippets of the CIA speech the MSM deigned to report, it was obvious to me that they are still promoting the lie about a Trump feud with the “Intelligence Community”.

While he’s never been quoted on record (by an MSM eager to leave out anything that makes him look good), it’s obvious to me that his feud is with the Obama appointees and sycophants at the top of the “Intelligence Community”, not the whole rank and file. (Your mileage may vary.)

So the NYTimes and WaPo call him out for “lying” about the feud, while ignoring that fact that they are blowing a feud with a few appointed officials at the top into one with the whole community.

Also, they have been accused of photoshopping crowd photos. Personally, I don’t believe this, more likely they just used an early photo for the Trump crowd.

But where’s the honest journalism to get to the bottom of this?

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