Problem is: you’re trying to use logic.

Logic isn’t applicable to this case. In fact, I seriously doubt most of the people you’re interacting with even understand what logic is, much less how to use it properly.

They’re deep inside their bubble of denial, but at some subconscious level they know their convictions aren’t true. For whatever reason, they’re in total panic about facing that truth. So their unconscious minds are in the driver’s seat(s).

“Arguments” like “you’re a Russian agent/bot” achieve two purposes, both poorly:

  • It’s an insulting counterattack in response to what they perceive as an attack on their defensive bubble of denial.
  • It’s an excuse, that is a rationalization, for ignoring your argument without consciously looking at it.

Of course, kooks like Palmer and Mensch, along with deliberate propagandists both inside and outside of the MSM, are encouraging them, constantly providing new excuses/rationalizations to keep the bubble from popping.

I don’t entirely agree with your guess what their motivations are, especially considering that different players may have different motivations. But all of these scum who encourage that desperate self-deception are the truly evil ones, regardless of their motives.

Not the poor hypnotized MSM-bots who knee-jerk whatever they’ve been fed without really thinking.

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