She didn’t have any dirt, and evidently didn’t know she was expected to. According to all accounts, she wanted to talk about “adoptions”.

Which probably means she was trying to offer a deal: starting the adoptions up again in return for shutting down the Magnitsky Act.

Given that she had met with Fusion GPS both right before and right after that meeting, it’s a good guess that if the Trump people had agreed to any sort of deal it would have become a major tool of Horrible Hillary’s campaign.

Whether or not she was working with Fusion GPS to set up the Trump campaign, everybody seems to agree that no deal was made, there was no collusion, and the whole thing is a red herring.

Anybody so stuck in their delusion bubble as to think this revelation makes any difference at all, well, dream on. I suppose you find it better than admitting that the president you despise is:

  • Really president, and
  • probably slated to be one of the USA’s great presidents.

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