[W]hat exactly are you alleging was merely a straw man?

Start with “You people…”. Just because I hold an opinion that disagrees with yours doesn’t justify assuming I agree with anybody else who disagrees with you. If you know anything about libertarians, you’ll know that if you get three of them in a room you’ll get at least four opinions.

As for other things you mentioned: since you ask…

Drug war: I’m against. When it started, I was suspicious it was just a mechanism for putting a lot of people in prison where they were subjected to personality changes making them more amenable to gang recruitment. I’ve seen nothing in the following decades to dispel that suspicion. (Also possibly to protect CIA drug operations to fund Congressionally disapproved intelligence ops.)

Surveillance state: as a libertarian I favor small government. Universal government surveillance not included. Whatever the added risk of crime, the smaller and less powerful the government, the lower the risk it will be infiltrated by crime.

Military and “[… P]rotect people and the environment from large corporate entities”: Those are certainly the responsibility of the state/government. I don’t agree with how they’ve been implemented, but some mechanism should be in place. Most libertarians would agree in general, although specifics would differ widely.

Note that the regulatory state itself is one of the biggest proponents of very large corporations. Regulations naturally favor larger entities, because the cost of maintaining a legal staff to deal with them expands much more slowly than the business size. Also, regulators prefer to deal with a few big entities than lots of small ones.

You spend a helluva lot of time moaning about the weak social safety net we have in the U.S. as “socialism” […]

Care to find a link to where I’ve moaned? No? Straw man (see above).

FYI the biggest issue I (and many libertarians) see with “the weak social safety net” is how it’s administered. Especially what fraction of extorted tax money goes to pay for the administrative institutions rather than benefits.

I can’t seem to find any of your opinions […]

Well, I’m not really into writing bunches of stuff nobody’s going to read. Anyway, you haven’t really dug into all my written opinions, so why should you expect to have found them.

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