Thank you for a very good article. I do have some questions, looking to future development:

You mentioned “Internet of Things”, what are the current plans/expectations on how firmware/software updates and security will be handled?

You say “reliability” will be high: 20–25 years. What does that translate to in terms of mean time between failures? Are we looking at automated system-level status and notification for module failures? Is there planning under weigh for using drones for replacement? Are plans under weigh for physical security against theft?

Are these modules anticipated to connect to individual batteries and/or capacitive storage?

You mention “reactive power control”. What about the full range of ancillary services? Will frequency and phase control be involved? Full time or only when power is being generated? Are plans under weigh to design support for module-level discounting of connection prices in return for such services?

I don’t know whether the answers to these questions are available at this time, but IMO the questions should be on the table, in support of planning for future energy strategies.


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