That Rage is Inside Your Narrative

This whole article is like a Zen Kōan. I find it amusing that your words describe the Zen experience of Satori, although you make no mention of the concept.

Hardly surprising I suppose, since it’s clear your purpose is not to help people free themselves from the tyranny of narrative, but only to impose your own narrative tyranny on them in place of the product of “the oligarchic manipulators of your species”.

And you will set to work waking up humanity from the lie factory, using whatever skills you have, weakening trust in the mass media propaganda machine and opening eyes to new possibilities. And while doing so, you will naturally shine big and bright so the others can find you. And together, we’ll not only smash the narratives that imprison us like a human caterpillar swallowing the narrative bullshit and forcing it into the mouth of the next slave, but we’ll also create new narratives, better narratives, healthier narratives, for ourselves and for each other, about how the world is and what we want it to be.

Because here’s the thing: since it’s all narrative, anything is possible. Those who see this have the ability to plunge toward health and human thriving without any regard for the made-up reasons why such a thing is impossible, and plant seeds of light which sprout in unprecedented directions that never could have been predicted by someone plugged into to establishment how-it-is stories. Together, we can determine how society will be. We can re-write the rules. We are re-writing the rules. It’s begun already. [my bold]

Of course, this is a false narrative. Founded on a lie, which I’ve bolded above.

“Anything” is not possible. If there’s no gas in the tank of your (normal) automobile, it’s not going much of anywhere no matter how much you wish, or believe, that it will.

You protest that rules of “economics” are “just made-up” abstract symbols? Well, the rules of mathematics are “just” abstract symbols, but no matter how much you and everyone else believe, or wish, the number 17 (for instance) does not have an integer square root.

So is “economics” like math? All the evidence says it is, although unlike mathematicians economists have had no more success using their “rules” than astrologers have. Maybe less.

But there’ve been plenty of failures, including almost every attempt to impose some sort of “socialist” repeal of the laws of “Economics”.

So “economics” probably has laws that control its workings just as the chemistry/physics of automobiles control their workings. But we (especially “economists”) don’t know what those laws are, or how they work, unlike chemistry and physics.

But that doesn’t mean that repealing the entire economic system controlled by “the oligarchic manipulators of your species” and replacing it with fantastical wishful thinking “without any regard for the made-up reasons why such a thing is impossible” won’t bring the whole system crashing down. It probably will, unless the replacement system manages to be one that works, even as poorly as the current one.

Which is extremely unlikely. Even with the best intentions, and efforts to be “realistic” about how economics works, the probability is really low. Mix in all the wishful thinking, tendentious ideology, and petty personal power politics among the revolutionaries, and you’ve got an ideal recipe for another French Revolution, with its Reign of Terror.

But unlike 18th century France, the vast majority of the population of the modern “West” is far better off, and has far more to lose. Anybody wanting an example of what an economy based on wishful thinking can produce need only look at Venezuela.

So, it’s an easy narrative to sell: that the “Socialist Revolution” you’re pushing will (if it happens) drive the entire “Western” world into a Venezuela-style horror.

Which is just as well, since that’s almost certainly what it would do.

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