The people I’m referring to are those who just can’t conceive of anyone but those who totally agree, and those who totally disagree. I’ve seen it called “tribalism”, although the word has a different meaning in sociological contexts. It certainly seems to fit within the classic definition of paranoia.

There are certainly Republicans who demonstrate this same cognitive defect, and plenty of Democrats who don’t. But this whole paranoid tendency to divide the world into “friends” who totally agree vs. “enemies” who totally disagree is simplistic to the point of total error.

[… T]he party that elected Fascist Cheeto in the first place and has yet to summon the moral courage to cede the fact they have collectively made a horrible mistake.

Several things:

  • Mr. Trump isn’t “Fascist”. The fascists are coming from the left, same as they did in ’30’s Germany.
  • Cheeto” is a self-indulgent insultive metaphor. It’s an appeal to tribalism, based on a shared laziness towards actually articulating what you think(?) is wrong with him.

    It’s also symptomatic of tribalism, as it’s certainly not going to be persuasive to anyone who doesn’t already agree with you.
  • Based on his first term in office, Republicans made no mistake at all electing him. He’s accomplished a number of standard Republican goals, especially in the courts, and reversed a number of (debatably) unconstitutional Executive Orders by Obama.

    He’s also appointed heads to various pathological bureaucracies who have been vocal about said bureaucracies’ sabotage of our country’s businesses (where the JOBS come from), pushing for restructuring, downsizing, or even eliminating them.
  • Of course, many Republican congresscritters have more-or-less opposed him (e.g. Never-Trumpers), but it’s clear their base(s) like Mr. Trump better than those congresscritters. Many of them have already decided not to run in 2018.

It’s not that Democrats like people like McCain. It’s that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is really that simple.

Nope. It is really not that simple at all.

The enemy of my enemy may well be a useful temporary ally. They may be my friend, but that would be because they’re my friend on other grounds.

In politics, most players have large agendas, and two groups may be allied on some agenda items while opposed on others.

As for “Democrats lik[ing] people like McCain”, I’m not talking about “Democrats per se, I’m talking about people who can’t see the world in terms of more than “total friends” vs. “total enemies”. (Admittedly there seems to be much overlap.)

Having decided McCain is their “friend” because he happens to agree with them on some points, they go into a hissy fit of cognitive dissonance when faced with the fact that he disagrees with them on others.

They need (IMO, and AFAIK in Ms Johnstone’s also) to open their eyes and get out of their paranoid bubble of tribalism.

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