The worst thing (for the Democrats) about this suit against Wikileaks is that there’s no proof, or even evidence, that Russia was the source of the leaks they published.

Of course, civil suits aren’t subject to evidence requirements as tight as criminal, but you need some evidence, and there’s nothing but arm-waving blather from an “Intelligence Community” that demonstrated its total cluelessness with its 12/16 and 01/17 publications.

  • There’s little evidence, and that far from conclusive, that Russian government actors “hacked” the DNC. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that they didn’t, just like everybody else and their kid sister, but the known “hacks” show distinct differences from earlier activity using similar resources, and are better explained as outsiders (likely non-state) re-using many of the same resources.
  • There’s no evidence whatsoever that Russian actors were responsible for “leaking” the DNC material to Wikileaks. Given the likelihood that a variety of different actors, both state and non-state, had that information, assuming that “the Russians done it” is ridiculous. Many powerful (and even more not-so-powerful) entities had much to gain from a Clinton loss.
  • The agencies involved in pointing the finger at Russia demonstrated total technical cluelessness in their publications. This has been documented by a variety of technical analysts, many of them confirmed Trump-haters.
  • Wikileaks had very strong motives to take down Clinton (“can’t we just drone him”) without any Russian input. Whatever leaks they got, from whatever source, were going to be used in the most effective way possible.

When this case goes to trial, all the various analyses demonstrating the above points are going to come spewing out into the public view, along with massive discussion of the fact that the MSM never mentioned them except for some ad hominem hit pieces with no real looking at the actual evidence.

Everybody in this country with any basic understanding of systems will be able to see how clueless and incompetent the “Russia Russia” thing was. And the Tweeter-in-Chief will keep dragging all the “Deep State” dirty laundry into public, forcing his haters to either open their mind, or retreat even farther into their delusional bubbles.

Democrat politicians will all get black eyes, either when they finally admit they were putting “party ahead of truth”, or when they don’t and their constituencies see what they’re up to.

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