How many other “Philip Cross”-like accounts are there on Wikipedia? Has the site always functioned an establishment psyop designed to manipulate public perception of existing power structures, or did that start later?

Those of us who care about the CO2/climate issues have known about this sort of thing for a long while. Wikipedia editor (and self-proclaimed “scientist”) William Connolley has been doing similar things since 2003, and he and his henchpeople “enjoy tacit support from the Wikipedia hierarchy, who often turn a blind eye to the group’s misdeeds.”

He was banned in 2010 (for 6 months) “from making any edits about climate related articles”, but AFAIK he has pretty much continued his activities once the ban came off.

Indeed, my first reaction on seeing the title of your piece was “then ‘global warming’ must also be an establishment psyop.” While I do consider it so, my guess is that your opinion would be otherwise.

(To be fair, IIRC Connolley has on occasion enraged more fanatic alarmists by toning down or deleting their more egregious rhetoric. I saw it happen, don’t intend to chase down links at this late date.)

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