Very well, thanks.

Of all the candidates, either party, Mr. Trump was by far the least objectionable. (IMO.)

His performance since the election has been very creditable, although you probably wouldn’t notice if all you read is the lying Mainstream Media (MSM).

Granted, the MSM has mostly been at all-out war with him since he was elected, and that has thrown some roadblocks in his way. But he seems (to me) to be on-track to fulfill his campaign promises, if perhaps not as quickly as we’d hoped.

As for your nonsense about “majority”, US presidential elections have never been about a national majority, and both candidates campaigned in terms of the Electoral College system in place.

It seems highly likely to me that, if the election had been defined in terms of a national majority, the Trump campaign would have followed a different strategy, and still won.

No way to be sure, of course, but also no reason to discuss fantasy like a “national majority”.

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