Well, an interesting and thought-provoking read. Have you been exploring here? (I don’t remember whether I ever linked to it in a reply to you or not.)

I don’t find the “nobody behind the curtain” idea as fearsome as you seem to, because I’ve studied the notion of emergent systems, as well as Zeitgeist, which in a materialist world-view would likely be maintained by interpersonal relations below, or outside, the level of consciousness.

Such relations could often be non-verbal, or sub-verbal, such as body language, tone of voice, etc. More recently, memes, crafted with conscious and unconscious incentives (and skills), will probably be the primary carrier of the emergent Zeitgeist’s internal structure.

The rise of the internet, especially YouTube and other video sharing systems, has completely changed the environment for existing power structures, but that doesn’t mean order won’t arise from the current chaos.

This isn’t the first time the socio-political environment has changed under people’s feet, and the one thing we can probably expect is that the constantly unexpected changes will enforce a new meritocracy in place of the metastasizing efforts to make acquired power (e.g. wealth) inheritable.

Beyond that, fasten your seat belt(s) and hang on!

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