Well, I read it, and since you ask I’ll comment (a little).

One rule of propaganda is to never believe your own. That lesson seems to have been missed, and it seems to me you also missed it.

Let me list some lies the MSM told about Trump, then believed and assumed everybody else would:

  • “ Trump called Mexicans drug dealers and rapists.” He didn’t. Just about anybody who looked into the context could see he didn’t. (Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.) The MSM just believed its own lies and repeated them, assuming the voters would be taken in.
  • “Trump openly bragged about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’”. Most MSM sources added “against their will”. Not true. An accidental open mike hardly counts as “openly”. And he said “they let you”. No sexual harassment involved, at least according to his private brag.
  • “Trump is an authoritarian.” His standard practice would appear to be to let his top people debate one another then decide. While that may not fit the “groupthink” standard the left claims to follow (usually falsely, IMO) it’s hardly what most people think of as “authoritarian”.

I could go on. But if you’re going to listen to me on these points, you’ll be able to find others without my help. And if you’re not, I’d just be wasting my time.

Point is, this isn’t the first time the MSM has done this sort of thing, it’s been common since at least the Viet Nam war. (Personal observation. I was in high school when that war heated up after the liberal media turned the Tet offensive into a loss for the US.)

The MSM is a bunch of lying crooks, and most everybody knows it. Even the people who pretend to believe what it says know deep down it’s just the line (of BS) for the day. IMO.

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