Well, I’d call myself an advanced free-market libertarian. (Which means I’ve studied the history of post-Westphalian Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution, and no longer advocate the ideas of more naive Libertarians.)

I’m totally opposed to Socialism, but the loose hybrid of crony-“capitalism” and klepto-oligarchy we seem to have floated into over the last few decades is almost as bad. For decades they’ve been pretty much controlling both parties, which has disgusted me.

I think, of all the candidates who threw their hats into the 2016 ring, Mr. Trump was the best choice, and I was glad to see him elected. Also a little surprised; I’d read Scott Adam’s reasons for predicting he’d win, but I wasn’t totally convinced. (Of course, even he lost confidence for a little while after Access Hollywood).

But he (Trump) is far from perfect. I’m pretty sure he’s good enough at 4D-Chess to accomplish part of his goal, but he isn’t going to totally break up the Establishment, just loosen it up some. Which is far better than nothing, but not as good as I’d like.

I’m opposed to Internationalist Socialism (as well as every other kind), and also opposed to the sort of “corporatist” Globalism advocated by “neo-liberals” and “neo-conservatives”.

OTOH, I’m not in favor of trying to back into the future by re-instituting the post-Westphalian Nation-States of the early 20th century. IMO we need to preserve some semblance of Nation-States, but they’re going to have to have evolved based on today’s technology, which has completely removed some of the fundamental assumptions behind the 20th century nation-state.

As for your other comment, it’s a total straw man created out of your cognitive dissonance, not worth the trouble of addressing. To answer the last question in it: My prediction (what I expect, not what I want, necessarily) is here.

If I had any ‘big idea for “re-branding” the party’ I’d probably keep it to myself. Socialists may serve a useful purpose as gadflies, but I wouldn’t want to see them drag this country into the same pit they did Venezuela.

Hopefully, by 2024 this country’s two main parties will be a Trumpist Republican and neo-liberal/neo-conservative Democratic, with the Democrats the permanent losers and opposition party.

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