Well, if you want to make changes, it would probably behoove you to understand the system you’re trying to change. Straw men built on wishful thinking aren’t a good foundation for changing the actual system.

No, I don’t think a Constitutional Convention today would produce a workable product. The vast majority on the left don’t really care about Democracy, for them it’s only a tool to gain power, after which they’ll replace or pervert it as quickly as they can.

Most of those on the right are fine with the current electoral system, and a very convincing case could be made that a “pure” democratic presidential election would be even more vulnerable to populism.

Slight digression: Clinton did NOT win the popular vote. Why not? Because nobody was competing for the popular vote. Elections in this country have always been based on the Electoral College, and campaign strategies have been based on that. (Though it’s not unlikely that Clinton etc. didn’t listen to their experts on that subject any more than they listened to their experts on infosec.)

And, personally, I’m pretty sure Mr. Trump would have won a “popular vote” contest: all those Trump voters in solid blue (or even red) states who didn’t vote because they knew it wouldn’t make a difference, and the best thing about Trump was that he wasn’t Horrible Hillary.

That view is another dimension of MAGA and assumes the US is broken and somehow we the people in the US are less insightful than the people and specifically the founders were 250 years ago.

Yes, the founders were effectively the “cream of the crop” when it comes to abilities to discern and communicate issues and potential problems. The probability that any significant number of people like that would be selected by the bunch of corrupt, Kompromat-laden power-hungry in-crowd types that infest state governments today is about as close to zero as it could get.

Nor do I see popular election of delegates to be much better. Too many people are like the ones Ms. Johnstone describes, buried in tribalism, denial, and cognitive dissonance. Many of the rest don’t know how to think for themselves, merely knee-jerk parroting whatever they read (or heard) in the MSM (or, to be fair, Fox, Think Progress, or Breitbart).

It isn’t just the Federal Government that’s broken, it’s the folks. To fix it, if even possible, would require replacing the current educational establishment with one that actually teaches CRITICAL THINKING. (Then set in the oven for a generation or two.)

Barring that, IMO the best we can do is place our hopes on the Internet, and the possibility that widespread exposure to different ideas will help a large majority of people to open their minds, and at least consider that perhaps those who disagree with them might be sincere, might even sometimes have a valid point.

Meanwhile the “deep state”/establishment is busily trying to shut off most people’s access to anything beyond their own bland, predigested pap…

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