The DNC has just held a surprise purge of progressives from its ranks, replacing them with reliably corrupt establishment stalwarts like Donna Brazile.

What they’re doing is cleaning house for all the “Neo-Conservatives” coming home from the Republican Party. (Having left in the ‘60’s-’70's.)

What the DNC, and you, don’t seem to realize is that the current 2-party system is dead in this country. They are nothing but frameworks in which the real power alignments maneuver.

I’d say the Republican Party will be taken over by a resurgent Tea-party and Trump populists. The “never-Trumpers” (“Neo-Conservatives”) will move back to the Democratic Party, but this will mostly be the big money-makers and their machine(s), most of “their” voters despise them and will probably shift to Trump Populists or TEA Party.

The “Democrats” will be “neo-liberals” and “neo-conservatives”. There will be no room for radical “progressives” like the Bernie supporters.

Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020, although the make-up of Congress is harder to foresee. You may have noticed that despite pretended party alignments, he really doesn’t have a majority in either house: many so-called “Republicans” are actually ready to side with Democrats against Mr. Trump.

And vice versa: the president was never fooled into thinking he had the full support of the Republican Party, and has shown himself ready to work with Democrats to achieve his agenda.

For the moment it’s mostly threat (e.g. the Budget), but he’ll probably forge a bipartisan majority behind his final Obamacare replacement, opposed by an equally bipartisan minority. The same may happen for tax reform.

You may also have noticed that there’s a shared agenda between parties:

  • the massive approval Mr. Trumps attack on Syria received (despite the fact that the “provocation” was an obvious false-flag),
  • the massive super-majority on the sanctions,
  • and the huge hike in military spending recently approved by the Senate.

I have a feeling the 2018 primaries will be the last of their kind, very chaotic, with legal changes in most states before the 2020 primaries. I don’t know how they’ll end up working, but given at least five distinct alignments, and only two parties, some way will be needed to formalize party access for various alignments/sub-parties.

I’d guess the socialist-“progressives” will be squeezed out, most real Americans don’t want them having power (although they’re happy enough to have their ideas hanging around). As you mentioned (above), the current Democratic leadership is currently purging them.

My guess is that Tea Party and Trump Populists will be able to forge a reasonably cohesive Republican alliance, with many congresscritters feeling indebted to both sub-parties. (And I suspect there’s plenty of overlap among voters.)

Republican fund-raising will be leaner, meaner, and much more grass-roots based, with a lot of local participation in the hi-tech targeting for ads.

I can’t be sure about Congressional party majorities, the neo-Conservatives may be able to bring enough districts with them to tip the balance, although the Democratic purge will drive many “progressives” away, and many of the workers will probably switch to Trump.

Given their history, the DNC “leadership” isn’t going to learn anything from 2016, and they’ll go into 2018 believing that they can set the agenda and dictate the outcome(s) just as they did last year. And I think they’ll get another surprise that they’ll, again, blame on everything/everybody but themselves.

All the above IMO, of course.

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