When it comes to Black Lives Matter…

A few weeks ago there was a Trump Rally where Hawk Newsome, President of “BLM-NY” got up on the stage and was a big hit. Here’s a sample of the videos that were going around the right:

So I recently discovered that another chapter of BLM, perhaps some kind of “organization”, was disavowing this Mr. Newsom.

From Here.

So, an online journalist called Key Of Life Production:

[… A] Black Media outlet for the conscious community. Key Of Life Production covers conscious events, debates & anything knowledgeable and uplifting to the black community. We are a medium for the urban community, scholars, healers, & righteous teachers giving all a voice for all to be heard. Key Of Life Production — Knowledge is power only when it’s used.

Brings us a record of the Communal lynch mob pretending to be a meeting (“Tribunal”?) condemning his work. Huh?

And his response (the best part is right at the end)…

So, here’s my question: What part did “Russian Meddling” play in the attitudes here? Were they promoting Newsome’s “work together” approach? Were they promoting BLM-DC’s expression of envy and spite? Or was all this home-grown and Russia didn’t have anything to do with it?

Oh, and another question: how much and how did money from Soros and related sources influence this squabble?

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