He was bragging about what he could get away with because women were afraid to challenge him. He didn’t have consent BEFORE he grabbed them or kissed them.

You have no way of knowing that. A woman is perfectly capable of refusing a mans (or other woman’s) advances entirely through body language. Your claim that they “were afraid to challenge him” is a product of your preconceptions. And, even if such events actually happened, it’s quite possible that Mr. Trump believed they were willing (even if they weren’t). Not to mention that the whole thing may well have been made up.

If, in fact, there are good reasons to allow the “free market” to rule, then it is incumbent upon the rulemaking body — the FCC — to convince the public of that.

Nope. This is a technical issue, and their job is to implement their mandates in the most technically feasible way. It’s certainly helpful for the public to be on board with their logic, but just like any other technical issue, the public’s opinion how it should be solved is worthless.

We all know what the public wants: cheap powerful internet. How to get there is a combination of technical issues and economic prediction. That’s the FCC’s responsibility.

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