If we want to evolve, we’re going to have to really want this thing, and get rid of our old vestigial conditioning patterns which behave as though we’re still a bunch of howling apes trying to claw our way up the food chain.

You see, you’ve fallen into exactly the same trap as Karl Marx, and Margaret Mead. Which means any Utopia you try to create will be a recipe for Hell on Earth.

Your problem is you’re living in a fantasy. You don’t care about reality, you just insist reality must be what you want it to be.

Humans are very much like our closest relatives, and the reasons are fundamentally GENETIC. Science has shown this to very close to certainty, but like Marx and Mead, you reject science when it conflicts with your fantasies.

Yes, things could be made much better, with automation and essentially unlimited energy there could be enough food, shelter, and comfort for every human.

But humanity’s genetically driven lust for status/power over others of our species would still find a way to make things horrible for the losers, even if the only physical sign of their loss was not being allowed to wear the types of clothes they want, or not being allowed to win VR games against people who are better at it, or not being allowed to socialize with the people everybody wants to socialize with, etc.

Oh, and about all those people who can’t be happy unless they’re physically beating up other people…

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